How a Ruggiero Bignardi masterpiece comes alive.

Origins of creativity

Art has always been present in the life of Ruggiero Bignardi, even before the maestro was born. The entire family dedicated their life to creative disciplines for generations: from fashion to decoration and painting. This aspect of the personal dimension has naturally affected his professional life, instilling a particular instinct for the combination of color and the aesthetic balance of the forms.

To whom the artistic foulards are dedicated

Art lovers feel the need to express their passion with the objects and clothes they wear. Ruggiero Bignardi's artistic foulards are born from the comprehension and sharing of this expressive need. The desire of feeling unique leads more and more people to choose Ruggiero Bignardi accessories for their outfits, both for great occasions and to enjoy the every day life with a touch of art that makes life extraordinary.

The translation of a painting

Ruggiero Bignardi has managed to reinterpret objects of common use to transform them into artworks to wear. The artist takes care of the entire process in every aspect: from the choice of the work to be reproduced to its transposition on cloth, passing through the graphic redesign and the careful selection of raw materials.

The importance of Made in Italy

All Ruggiero Bignardi foulards, scarves and accessories are made of the highest quality fabrics and materials; design and production take place exclusively in Italy. The seams are finished by hand and the accessories are made by selected Italian craftsmen.

"Ruggiero Bignardi artistic foulards:

treat yourself to the luxury of wearing a masterpiece"